Proprietorship to Private Limited Company

To convert a Sole Proprietorship into Private Limited Company, an agreement is required to be executed between parties for the sale of business. There is very easy process of conversion. There must a legal agreement between parties which specifies for the transferred for the assets to the Private Limited Company.

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Advantages of Private Limited Company

  • Limited Liability of directors

    In case of Private limited company, there is limited liability of directors against debt and loss of company. There will not be personal liability of directors to the creditors of a company or against company’s debts. It is more favorable than General Partnership, where partners are personally liable for all the debt raised.

  • Easy to make Investment

    As there is clear distinction between shareholders and directors and their limited liability, Private limited company can easily collect equity funding. Thus it is more favored by venture capitalist and private equity fund investors. There is no minimum requirement to capital investment.

  • Debt can be easily accessed.

    There are lots of debts options available to private limited company as compared to LLPs. For raising debts bank loan, debentures and convertible debentures etc are available.


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