Private to Public Limited Company

Private limited company can convert itself in Public limited company as per the provisions of Companies Act 2013. Section 18 of Companies Act specifies that private limited company can convert itself into Public limited company by altering its memorandum and article of association and making application for it in Form INC -27. There should be at least three directors, seven members (shareholders) and a paid-up capital of Rs. 5 lakhs (all are necessary for a public limited company).

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Advantages of Public Limited Company

  • Share can be transfer easily and quickly

    In public limited company, it is very effortless to transfer shares to another member as compared to any other business structure. All you required is to file the share transfer form and hand over the share certificate to the buyer.

  • Capital can be raised through public issue of shares

    The most obvious advantage of being public limited company is the ability to raise capital, particularly where the company is listed on recognized exchange Since it can sell its share to the public and anyone can invest their money, thus capital raised is much higher than private limited company. All public limited companies can issue fixed deposits, debentures, convertible debentures to the general public.

  • Greater trustworthiness and reliability

    Public limited company provides more reliability and trustworthiness to its investors and shareholders as it is mandatory to get their accounts audited annually and required to inform any structural changes and holding of annual general meeting to all shareholders.


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