Private Limited to One Person Company

As per Companies Act 2013, a private limited company other than a company registered under Section 8 of the Act, having paid up share capital of Rs 50 Lacs or less and average annual turnover during the period is 2 crores or less   can convert itself into a one-person company (OPC) A Special resolution is required to pass in general meeting of members and also Non objection certificate from members and creditors. An OPC also need a nominee. The procedure is time-consuming, as you cannot use the INC-29 procedure. There is requirement of conversion to the alteration of your Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association of company

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Advantages of One Person Company

  • Liability of director is limited

    In case of OPC, there is loss or debts in business then the director’s personal property is always safe only amount invested in commencement of business is lost. But in case of Sole Proprietorship and private limited company, directors are personally liable for all debts of company.

  • Continuous Existence

    In case of death of director, OPC still remain in existence as it has separate legal entity, which would further pass on to nominee director. But in case of Sole proprietorship , business will come to end in case of death of directors.

  • Fewer Compliances

    As OPC have only one director and shareholder, so all annual filings and other government formalities such as share certificate and statutory registers are much reduced.


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