ESOP is kind of employee benefit plan that allows employees to become owner s of stock in the company .This plan aims at improving performance of company and encouraging employees.

  • Grant of Option

    We will assist you for issuing option which specifies conditions for purchase the shares of company.

  • Legal Agreement of Option

    We will provide you in required guidance for preparing legal agreement of option for purchase the share.

  • Constructing Options Plan

    We will assist you in creating master document for the ESOP

  • Valuation of business

    We will arrange a merchant banker who will value your business

  • Allotment & Documentation

    We will provide you all direction for making allotment and updating all documents and secretarial records.

We will provide you all direction for making allotment and updating all documents and secretarial records.

What is ESOP?

An Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) is type of employee benefit plan which is intended to encourage acquiring stock or ownership in the company. Under these plans, employer gives certain stock of company to the employees for negligible or less cost. This plan aims at improving performance of company and motivates employees of company. Shares are allocated to employees, but may vest only after a pre-defined period.

Advantages of ESOP

  • Motivates Top Talent

    In case of top level employees, it will be difficult to retain them unless you provide them good salary and incentives. This problem can be solved by offering them shares of the company at low cost.

  • Increase performance and build motivation

    This is the best way to motivate and increasing performance of employees .if the company performs well and earns profits then talented employees will be paid more.

  • Long retention of employees

    ESOP specifies vesting period of two to three years. Employees to whom shares are allotted are required to retain for period of two to three years and more period till the completion of vesting period.

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